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Re: Bug#225449: audacity 1.2.0-2 failed to build on ia64

On Tue, Mar 30, 2004 at 09:07:17AM -0800, Matt Brubeck wrote:
> It looks like wxwindows2.4 was somehow built incorrectly, causing off_t
> == long long.  It appears that rebuilding wxwindows2.4 on ia64 with a
> newer toolset fixes the problem, though this fix has not yet been
> uploaded to the archive.
> Ron, this does appear to be a problem with the wxwindows2.4 packages
> currently in the archive for ia64.  Please re-open this bug if you
> agree.  A rebuild or a binary-only NMU should solve the problem.
> Also, I believe #239401 is a duplicate of this bug.

Yes it is.  It was as a result of that report that I raised this again
on deb-ia64 just a few days ago, though with much the same result again
as the thread you pointed out.

All evidence available to me at this stage does indeed point to this
being a transient bug on the ia64 buildd's and not a problem with wx

A new stable release of wx is in the works, but there is still more to
be done before it is ready for upload.  If someone would like to do a
binary only nmu of the current release for ia64 in the meantime then,
please feel free.

I objected to doing this earlier because I thought it might hide a real
bug in wx or cause more trouble with other dependent packages, but that
does not seem to be the case, so there is no reason not to recompile the
package with a newer toolchain if that indeed fixes the problem.


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