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RE: An install CD for SR870BN4

Sorry, I was to send this for some one who wanted it for a cross-build
environment and gotten your way by mistake. what I was referring was
with respect to a cross-builds where one can compile the kernel for both
ia32 and ia64 on a ia32. In that case he can make an ia64 kernel with
usb drivers not as loadable modules but as kernel components to bringup
usb keyboard. [ think there is a boot time load option for loadable
modules that can be listed under /etc/modules ]. Don't know the answer
reg your debian stuff...

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From: Leonardo Macchia [mailto:leo@bononia.it] 
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On Thu, Feb 19, 2004 at 15:48:59 -0500, Tallapragada, Balakrishna M

> I have been thinking of mailing this to the group for some time now.
> amazing how cumbersome it is to make an ISO that boots off EFI:

Thanks for your hints!

But the problem seems quite different: Woody's CD starts... installer
starts ("Welcome to Debian GNU/Linux...") with ncurses window, but the
same installer hangs just few steps before (after pressing "ENTER" or
choosing a keyboard)... so even if I'm going to re-do CD, the problem
still exists... maybe I should try another kernel? But how to compile it
and how to understand where is the problem?

Any other hint? A part from installing a Red Hat and using it as an
installer? :)

Ciao, Leonardo.

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