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Re: ia64 testers wanted for sarge cds

I tried the netinstall CD image on an HP zx2000 and didn't get very far.
Here are the two problems I saw that prevented me from going any

1. Selecting "Detect a keyboard and select layout" causes:

        An error or warning message was logged while running kbd-chooser

2. "Detect CDROM" results in 

        Unable to load module 'ide-probe-mod' for 'Linux IDE probe

   On continue:

        Unable to load module 'ide-detect' for 'Linux IDE detection

   On continue:

        Unable to load module 'ide-disk' for 'Linux ATA DISK Driver

   On continue:

        Perform manual CD configuration?

     Your installation CD couldn't be mounted. That probably means that
     the CD is not yet inserted. If that's the case, just insert it and
     don't perform the manual configuration; the CD mount will be
     re-tried. If your CD was already in the drive, there was another
     problem; try the manual CD configuration.

At this point I was stuck in a loop trying to mount cdrom.


Santiago Garcia Mantinan wrote:
> Thanks to the help of Richard Hirst who has made the script to make ia64 cds
> bootable and shown Jeff Bailey how to build debian-installer for ia64, Jeff
> has built a debian-installer image for ia64 and I have built both netinst
> and businesscard cds, now we need somebody that can test the cds to see if
> they boot, the installer is started, and if that works, then you can even do
> a debian-installer report for ia64 ;-)
> You can get the images from:
> http://gluck.debian.org/cdimage/testing/netinst/ia64/
> Once we get this tested I'll schedule daily build of ia64 netinst and
> businesscard cd images and commit the script for debian-cd.
> Regards...
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> Manty/BestiaTester -> http://manty.net
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