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Re: Itanium, Worth it?

>>>>> On Mon, 23 Jun 2003 21:19:41 -0700, Richard Harke <rharke@earthlink.net> said:

  Richard> I've been very interested and intrigued by the design of
  Richard> the IA64 and am on the verge of buying one, probably a
  Richard> ZX2000

  Richard> But first I would like to ask how satisfied people are with
  Richard> their itaniums. Do you get the performance you expected?
  Richard> Does compiled code take good advantage of the multiple
  Richard> execution units?

  Richard> How complete is the debian distro for ia64? Same as for
  Richard> ia32?  I tend to KDE for the desktop and would plan to use
  Richard> the QuadroPro Nvidia card. I see on Nvidia site they do
  Richard> have the driver set. Any problems?

Since I work for HP, I'll leave it to others to respond to the first
few questions.

  Richard> Also, has HP sales given up or are they so busy that can't
  Richard> talk to me? As a potential buyer of one low end machine, I
  Richard> don't expect a lot excitement on their part but they could
  Richard> at least answer email.

Can you tell me what email address you used?  I'll forward your mail
internally, but I'd like to make sure that in the future such email
doesn't go unanswered.


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