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Re: woody installation in a PowerEdge 7150

p.devicente@oan.es (Pablo de Vicente) writes:

> I can
> only say that FAT was created with parted and the linux partitions with
> cfdisk.

You really want to use a GPT-style partition table and stick with
parted, even though the user interface to parted is lacking.  If what you have
is working, leave it alone though...

>   Does anybody have comments on how to overcome this last problem? is there
> a newer kernel (2.4.20) for IA64 as a woody Debian package?. Would that 
> version work better for the eepro100 driver?.

Install the 2.4.19 itanium-smp kernel image package.  A problem has been
reported in the itanium-smp flavor of my 2.4.20 kernel image packages that I
have not had time to research yet, but the 2.4.19 kernels should work much
better than the 2.4.17 ones on your system.


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