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debian/hppa bof at OLS

Hi *,

There is going to be a Debian/hppa BOF at OLS this year:

This is an informal survey: if you plan to attend, please drop me 
an email and send me suggested topics *via private mail*.

My current thoughts is to do a short presentation on what the
debian/hppa port is about, and open the floor to discussions on topics
of interest (e.g. toolchain, 64-bit userspace, SMP kernels, what have
you...). Other suggestions are welcome as well. I will post an updated
proposal once I've collected more info. Personally I think other Debian/
porting issues will also be interesting for the BOF, but we'll see how
it goes.

Oh, and if you are attending OLS, don't forget about the keysigning!

Randolph Chung
Debian GNU/Linux Developer, hppa/ia64 ports

p.s. why is this crossposted to the ia64 list? well, just because. :-)

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