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non-offical libc with NPTL available in deb format

Hello all,

Through my work here with Gelato I have been looking at NPTL on IA64
for a little while, and though others might like to try out this new
threading library.  As of release 0.30 it very stable on IA64 (thanks
to Jakub Jelinek).

If you don't know about NPTL, it is a significantly enhanced version
of linuxthreads.  You can read about it
It has support for new thinks like thread groups, uses futex's for
locking etc.

I have hacked together (emphasis on hacked) the latest libc cvs & nptl
0.30 in some debs.  If you add

deb http://www.gelato.unsw.edu.au/~ianw/libc-nptl ./

to your /etc/apt/sources.list file you should be able to grab them.
This has been lightly tested by me, but I wouldn't be surprised if
there is a lot wrong with this.  You will need to be running at least
2.5.59, and will need gcc 3.3 (try the gcc-snapshot package) if you
want enhanced features like __thread support.  I would recommend a
machine you don't care about or a chroot environment.

If there is interest in this, I can keep maintaining these with the
latest releases as they come about & spend some time improving the
packages.  Please email me to tell me if you're interested.

Please note this has NOTHING AT ALL to do with the official version,
and is provided just as a convenience for others who might like to
try it.  If you are using this, *please* run problems past me first
before complaining on the official lists
(https://listman.redhat.com/mailman/listinfo/phil-list) as chances are
it's with my packaging rather than the library.



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