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Re: ia32-libs alternatives

>>>>> On Fri, 7 Mar 2003 18:17:25 -0700, rwp@hprwp.fc.hp.com (Bob Proulx) said:

  Bob> And since I always laugh whenever I see the message from openoffice I
  Bob> just have to share it.

  Bob> openoffice
  Bob> openoffice.org: Damnit! I can't find OpenOffice's user files. Did you break
  Bob> the /etc/openoffice/autoresponse.conf file manually ?
  Bob> This file should contain DESTINATIONPATH


  Bob> With the symlink in place in /etc it starts up just fine.  But without
  Bob> it and only with the path under /emul it does not.  Did I spell the
  Bob> path correctly?  Just to be pedantic, here is a cut-n-paste of the
  Bob> path I am using.

  Bob> ls -ldo /emul/ia32-linux/etc/openoffice/autoresponse.conf
  Bob> -rw-r--r-- 1 root 166 Sep 9 10:58 /emul/ia32-linux/etc/openoffice/autoresponse.conf

  Bob> Any clues?

Could it be that a script is checking for the existence of that file?
If so, that would explain it: the script would be executed with the
ia64 shell, so no name-translation would be done.  Otherwise, try
stracing the program and see what happens (use the x86 strace for this
purpose, so you get the full info).


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