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Re: ia32-libs alternatives

>>>>> On Fri, 7 Mar 2003 14:00:19 -0700, rwp@hprwp.fc.hp.com (Bob Proulx) said:

  Bob> Will all applications work this way out of the box?  No.  Any
  Bob> application which needs files rooted in / will not find them.
  Bob> For example, openoffice will look for /etc/openoffice and not
  Bob> find it since it is really installed in
  Bob> /woody-ia32/etc/openoffice in the install area.

If you use /emul/ia32-linux/ instead of /woody-ia32, you don't need
any of this symlink magic.  For x86 apps, the kernel will
automatically check for a file in /emul/ia32-linux before trying to
open it starting from root.  (Details are in my book on page 464.)


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