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Re: Trouble getting X to work

gje@parrotheaven.com (Greg Evans) writes:

>     I just received a loaner hp zx2000 with an Nvidia Quadro card installed 
> (and a fancy Hp 2025 lcd monitor!). 

Cool.  I've never played with a Quadro card.  There's a Radeon 7000 in my 
zx2000 right now.

>     I had no trouble getting debian installed on it, but I'm having a lot of 
> trouble getting X to start properly.  In the stable and unstable dists X 
> hangs once the initial screen is drawn, and in unstable I get the int10 
> problem.

Ick.  The server in stable works for me in 2D.  The server in unstable is
known broken on ia64 right now.  Two thoughts.

First, I've had trouble using the "digital" connectors between video cards 
and the LCD monitors before.  If you're using that, try using the traditional 
VGA-style analog cabling and it might help.  Shot in the dark, but I just got
an HP LCD monitor myself (not even unboxed yet) to investigate what the issue
is and see if we can't make more combinations work right eventually.

Second, I did a build of Daniel Stone's packaging of preliminary 4.3.0 server 
stuff a few days ago, and the statically linked -debug server runs on my 
Radeon setup ok.  Maybe it'll work for you too?  I've temporarily put this 
server up at:


Report back on whether this helps or not.  The rest of the X packages I have 
installed other than the server are from unstable.


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