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Re: Huge Kernel

francois@jvminfo.com (Francois Page) writes:

>    I'm using an HP rx5670 with Itanium 2 cpu.  My problem is when I
>    recompile a kernel, whatever option I tried, the kernel is always
>    huge. (Kernel version 2.4.20) I mean about 24mb gzip compressed
>    instead of about 2.7mb from the one comming with the debian distro
>    (kernel 2.4.19)  What I did wrong ?

Sounds like you have debugging enabled, which is turned on by default for ia64
kernels.  Look in Makefile for the '-g' in a CFLAGS line.  I patch this in my
kernel sources when building the Debian prebuilt kernels.

You realize you need both the Linus tarball and the patch set for ia64 from
the kernel.org sites, right?  Further, there are patches in the Debian kernel
package for ia64 you might want to pick up...  If you want to have a look,
point your apt sources.list to unstable or testing and do

        apt-get source kernel-image-2.4.19-ia64

and have a look at what's there...


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