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Huge Kernel

Hi !
I'm new to ia64, so my question will may be stuppid for you....
I'm using an HP rx5670 with Itanium 2 cpu.  My problem is when I recompile a kernel, whatever option I tried, the kernel is always huge. (Kernel version 2.4.20) I mean about 24mb gzip compressed instead of about 2.7mb from the one comming with the debian distro (kernel 2.4.19)  What I did wrong ?
I tried to compiled 2.4.20 with the config file that come with the debian distro, it's larger than mine !
The only thing wrong when I compiled my 2.4.20 it's I'm not able to do a "make boot", I got compilation error. I need to compress and move the kernel by hand then do elilo.
If someone as a clue for me, it will be really appreciate !
Thanks !
Francois Page
JVM Informatique Canada inc.

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