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Problem with ia64 and sparc autobuilders

[ Please CC me because I'm not subscribe to list; this message are
previously sent to debian-admin@l.d.o; crossposting because possible
can be the same problem ]


I've sent a package (tcm_2.10-4) to incoming today to solve a trivial
issue with bison. 

All are working fine but I have problems with ia64 and sparc buildd,
this failed to criate a .o file then I use the following machines to

 - merulo 
 - vore

And, build nicely.

Someone can take a look on both and include the package again in build

Otavio Salvador

        O T A V I O    S A L V A D O R
 E-mail: otavio@debian.org      UIN: 5906116
 GNU/Linux User: 239058     GPG ID: 49A5F855
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