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Re: acl2 -14 build

camm@enhanced.com (Camm Maguire) writes:

> The build apparently failed due to a race condition in
> the autobuild daemon which (apparently) erases files before the build
> completes.  What's the story with this anyway?  Is this going to be
> fixed soon?

If you upload a new version soon after a previous one, such that the results
from the first build haven't been reacted to by the buildd maintainer, it's
possible that the actions taken in response to processing the email from the
first upload can squash the second.  This happens infrequently, and I don't 
know if/when it might get fixed.

In the meantime, if you're uploading new versions faster than we can process
the buildd email, just ask for a retry on the right architecture list as you 
did this time, and we'll gladly push the right buttons...


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