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Re: Missing petsc upload, illuminator build?

hazelsct@mit.edu (Adam C Powell IV) writes:

> For some reason, although petsc 2.1.3-1.woody.1 was successfully
> autobuilt for IA-64 on June 22 (according to the buildd link above),
> it does not seem to have been uploaded.  Any ideas on why, and could
> someone possibly upload it?

It was uploaded, but rejected because it was attempting to put a version in
woody-proposed-updates newer than what was in unstable... probably because
we autobuilt it out of accepted and I signed and uploaded it before the new 
version for sid got installed?  Not sure offhand.

I moved the rejected upload back into unchecked, and it has been accepted.  
Should be in the archive on the next katie run.

Thanks for pointing this out!


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