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Re: Asm function to count clock ticks

>>>>> On Mon, 15 Jul 2002 09:31:10 +0200, "david.defour@freesbee.fr"<david.defour@freesbee.fr> said:

  David.D> I was trying to use both gcc-2.96 and 3.1.... and i
  David.D> realised that i did a mistake while compiling .... i'm
  David.D> sorry for everything. But may be you'll have an idea on
  David.D> where i can find latencies information about itanium for
  David.D> all instructions ? .... because all that i can find are
  David.D> very sparses and it is very diffficult to obtain it ... so
  David.D> i have decided to make the messure by myself .... but if
  David.D> someone have it it will save me alot of works ....

The Itanium (and Itanium 2) micro-architecture manuals have all the
important latencies, but many of the special register (such as
application register) latencies are not there.  If you really need
them, I'm afraid you'll have to do some measuring.  Beware that the
latencies are not necessarily constant either.


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