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Re: Asm function to count clock ticks

>   David.D> I try to count clock ticks on my itanium with
the asm
>   David.D> assembly code line included in a C program:
>   David.D> __asm__ __volatile__("mov %0=ar.itc" :
"=r"((t).tick) ::
>   David.D> "memory")
>   David.D> where (t).tick is a unsigned long int and i
got the
>   David.D> following message when i compiled it:
>   David.D> Can't find a register in class `AR_M_REGS'
>   David.D> reloading `asm'.
>   David.D> Does anyone encounter the same kind of
message while
>   David.D> trying to include asm in his C program ?

> The code you quote looks fine in principle (though the
> obviously depend on what "t" is.  What compiler are you
using?  It
> worked fine for me both with gcc 2.96 and 3.1.
> Note that Itanium has an errata for the itc: to work
around this
> errata, you need to re-read ar.itc if the low 32 bits of
the returned
> value are equal to 0xffffffff.  (No such errata exists
for Itanium 2,
> aka McKinley.)
I was trying to use both gcc-2.96 and 3.1.... and i
realised that i did a mistake while compiling .... i'm
sorry for everything. But may be you'll have an idea on
where i can find latencies information about itanium for
all instructions ? .... because all that i can find are
very sparses and it is very diffficult to obtain it ... so
i have decided to make the messure by myself .... but if
someone have it it will save me alot of works ....

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