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Dear all,

I am new to ia64 architecture and also new to this list. Few days ago we received  
some nice blue fresh new SGI 750 Itanium workstations. They came with RedHat 7.1 
pre-installed, but as this is not my preferred distribution, I decided to install 
Debian woody. Now, I have the basic system booting and runing (I even compiled my 
own kernel 2.4.18) and there seem to be no critical problems. Anyway, I still 
have two small things I'd like to clean up:

1. When elilo.efi loads kernel, it says:

ext2fs.c(line 140):requesting count 35
ext2fs.c(line 809):cannot read gds: Invalid Parameter
alloc.c(line 160):allocator: invalid free @ 0x17FE19008

Anyway, the kernel boots OK. What could this mean?

2. While booting, my new kernel says:

Unexpected irq vector 0x0 on CPU 0!

I can easily ignore it, but there is an exlamation mark so I wanted to know the 
reason of this message. Any ideas?

Thank you.

Best regards,

Jiri Polach

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