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Re: IA-64: g77-3.0 vs. -2.96

John R. Daily writes:
> I sent this to the debian-ia64 list recently and received no
> input. Given the apparent lack of concern about making such a
> change, I'd like to inquire on this list whether such a change
> would be technically and politically feasible pre-woody.
> Matthias, I understand that your input is particularly crucial in
> this matter. Any thoughts?

I want leave the final decision to Randolph Tausq, which does (?) the
ia64 parts in gcc.

> From: "John R. Daily" <jdaily@progeny.com>
> To: debian-ia64@lists.debian.org
> Subject: g77-3.0 vs. -2.96
> Date: Thu, 08 Nov 2001 16:42:48 -0500
> Sender: jdaily@progeny.com
> During the porting process, I have come across at least two
> packages, one of them significant, that caused internal compiler
> errors with g77-2.96. One was lapack-dev, the other is r-base,
> which I'm still working on. Both compile fine with g77-3.0.
> Since the motivation for using 2.96 instead of 3.0 pertains more
> to C and C++, and since bug fixes for 2.96 are going to be
> difficult to come by, what would people think about changing the
> default to 3.0 for g77 on ia64?
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