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New gcc-2.96 Debian packages available

Hi All,

I've uploaded new gcc-2.96 debian packages (2.96-6) to incoming. The new
package contains a number of important changes, including:

- picking up latest ia64 patches from the RedHat gcc 2.96 package which
  contains fixes for the NaT bug posted to the linux-ia64 list some time
  ago (#121925)
- patch backported from the 3.x branch to fix ICE with -Wlarger-than-N
- fixes libstdc++-doc install problem (#113645)

In addition the new package seems to have somewhat better g77 support
(for instance it can now compile r-base without crashing)

There is an outstanding cse-optimization infinite loop in the compiler
(#115390). I tried to backport some changes from the 3.x branch but the 
inf loop is still there.... :-( if someone more knowledge in this area
would like to look, i'd appreciate it.

Please give these a try and report any problems you find. I apologize 
for not having gotten to these sooner. There are 66 new patches in -6
(hmm....).  I'm not entirely comfortable with introducing that many new 
patches at this point of the woody freeze, but the new toolchain appears 
to be significantly better than what we had previously.

Debian Developer <tausq@debian.org>

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