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Re: Building Fortran shared libraries doesn't work

> The only packages which seem to be failed due to this problem are blas
> & pdl.  tela & blitz++ depend on blas, and gimp1.2 depends on pdl.
> How much do we want to ship gimp in woody?

I've now fixed this for ia64. libg2c.a from gcc-2.96 is now compiled as
a PIC library (though still only in .a form)

gcc-2.96, pdl and gimp built from this have been uploaded. (gimp is
still (re-)building, but will be uploaded RSN)

my gcc-2.96 patch has been sent to the Debian gcc maintainers. I've only done
the simple fix (i.e. just ship a PIC .a). I believe Matthias was going to
implement a more complete non-PIC .a / PIC .so solution for the gcc-3.0

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