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Re: Debian libtiff package and bug #106706

On Sat, 4 Aug 2001, Josip Rodin wrote:

> I wouldn't think a porter would give me an unportable solution to a porting
> problem :< so I immediately patched it.

You'd be surprised.  I've gotten some patches for binutils that totally
wreck other archs, but that helps one specific arch.

> (I have little or no way of checking if libtiff works on architectures I
> don't have physical access to, and I don't have access to anything but
> IA-32, so I rely on others to provide me with such information.)

That's understood by all of us :-)  I'm pretty lucky since I have i386,
mips, sparc (and sparc64), m68k, and alpha at my house, so I can check
things like this out.

What you can do to check out #ifdef's like this one is just log into the
debian machines and run the code through the preprocessor.  That should
show you what it's doing normally on that arch.  It takes more time than
just packaging it on <insert your favourite arch here>, but it's
worth it if you have arch-specific bugs.


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