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Re: Delete https://wiki.debian.org/DDTP


On 20/02/23 16:02, c.buhtz@posteo.jp wrote:

on the Python list I was asking about package description translations. I was pointed to


and got shocked.

This wiki entry is not understandable for people outside of DDTP. It is just a bunch of notes and TODO entries. It doesn't help Debian as a project. But it IMHO harms Debian's image because this is accessible to the public and someone could argue this is a regular Debian website.

I did not contribute to that particular wiki page, but I contribute to the DDTP translation work, and I am thankful for all the work Debian maintainers/developers have dedicated to the system in the past years.

I think that page might contain several useful information for anyone wanting to work on maintaining the system.

One option would be to rename it to something indicating that is mostly a page for those who want to contribute to managing/maintaining the system, more than using it for translations.

What I did (and mind you, since it is a wiki anyone can make their changes and improvement to the pages) is putting a note at the beginning of the page stating that the page is mostly aimed at maintainers.

Someone else might want to make bigger changes

There is a much better resource


I also added a link to this page in the note, and another link to the DDTSS page.

It is not clear for me why this wiki entry exists. I see no good reason for it. I would recommend to move the relevant information's from the wiki to "https://www.debian.org/international/l10n/ddtp"; and then remove the whole wiki entry.

I don't think I saw anywhere else info on the DDTP internal database structure so, personally, I did not delete the entry.

I also found


So what is the main resource? Please centralize your information's for outsiders. This would prevent you from driving potential contributors away.

The good thing about the wiki is that anyone can contribute with new pages/new info or improving the existing ones.



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