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Delete https://wiki.debian.org/DDTP


on the Python list I was asking about package description translations. I was pointed to


and got shocked.

This wiki entry is not understandable for people outside of DDTP. It is just a bunch of notes and TODO entries. It doesn't help Debian as a project. But it IMHO harms Debian's image because this is accessible to the public and someone could argue this is a regular Debian website.

There is a much better resource


It is not clear for me why this wiki entry exists. I see no good reason for it. I would recommend to move the relevant information's from the wiki to "https://www.debian.org/international/l10n/ddtp"; and then remove the whole wiki entry.

I also found


So what is the main resource? Please centralize your information's for outsiders. This would prevent you from driving potential contributors away.

Christian Buhtz

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