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Please consider translating adduser manual pages

Dear translators of all languages,

back in July, I asked you to refrain from working on adduser because we
were going through major changes that would affect translations. I am
glad to say that this time is now over. After fixing more than 50 bugs
and doing a major re-work of the manual pages, adduser is now ready for
your translation work. The adduser maintainers and adduser's users would
appreciate your help to get adduser into pristine state for Debian's
next stable release.

adduser is a high-profile package which is used by the Installer and
ends up installed on nearly all Debian systems. It is Priority:
important but not Essential, with more than 200K (100%) installations
and a rank of 6 in popcon.

adduser has gotten rid of debconf. I am thus "only" asking you for
translations of program strings and the manual pages (which are using
po4a). I hope that we have done everything right in providing support for
translators. Feel free to file bugs against errors in packaging and
please let us know whether we have room for improvement.

I have a few additional things to say:
- Sadly, the templates didn't get updated in time before uploading
  adduser 3.130 to unstable. The package is on salsa,
  https://salsa.debian.org/debian/adduser and it's ok if you begin work
  from there.
- I have set up a "translations" branch in the salsa repository,
  Please pull your work base from there.
- You can either submit your work as a bug report, or you can fork the
  adduser repository on salsa and file a merge request against the
  "translations" branch, or, if you have write access to the "debian"
  project on salsa, feel free to directly commit to the "translations"
  branch. Kindly refrain from committing to the master branch.
- Please keep an eye on the translation metadata, adding your name, your
  mail address and your language mailing list into your PO file, keeping
  the date stamp current.
- Please consider putting your translation under the same license as the
  adduser package, GPL 2+, as this keeps the license management way

We will try really hard to not change the manual pages again before the
bookworm release. To fix bugs in the code, we might be required to do
changes to the strings in the code, so there may be additional requests
to revisit translations.

After the bookworm release, we plan to completely re-work the logging
and output parts of adduser, so please expect another round of major
changes, another multi-month moratorium requests for program
translations followed by a translations request for program translations
with major changes to the translatebale strings.

Thanks for helping.


P.S.: Please keep the Cc if you intend to answer to keep the adduser
maintainer team in the loop

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