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issues building compendia at least since tye upgraded to bullseye

Hello all

Since we upgraded tye (i18n.debian.org) to bullseye, we're having an issue building compendia.

The script that has the issue is here:


and, for every language, the line 28:

msgcat -o "$OUTDIR/compendium-$MSGLANG-stamp$STAMP.po" $POTMPDIR/*.po

tries to concatenate all the .po files and is run (see logs and output in https://i18n.debian.org/compendia ) but for some reason it returns with non-zero exit code, so the error message in line 29:

echo "EEE: failed to generate $OUTDIR/compendium-$MSGLANG-stamp$STAMP.po"

is written to the log file, and then the program exits.

The script has additional lines (37 to 40) to remove old compendium*.po files when the generation is correct, and make a symbolic link for the latest compendium. But the msgcat command exits with non-zero, so these lines are not run.

However, the msgcat command indeeds generates a compendium-$MSGLANG-stamp$STAMP.po file (maybe malformed, not sure), so they pile up in tye.debian.org and if nobody removes them, we end after one week with no free space in the server (and the rest of the scripts start to fail).

I had a look at this some days ago and removed the old compendium*.po files, but didn't realise that the current compendium generated files were maybe malformed. Today I just downloaded the Spanish one and couldn't open it with POEdit. msgfmt produced a .mo file but if it's run with -c option, it returns 36 fatal errors. I have downloaded the Farsi one and it's opened with POEdit (it shows errors in the header and in the strings, but it is "understood" at least).

I never used compendium files so I don't know how to check if the generated ones are useful or not.

I don't know if anybody else uses compendia, and I don't know if anybody with more knowledge of msgcat and scripts can have a look at this issue. I guess that msgcat before bullseye was less strict and now things that maybe before were a warning now return error. My proposal to workaround the space issue in tye would be to include the lines removing old files in any case (wether we success or fail generating the compendium files).

If anybody has a better idea, please go ahead. If no other comments, I would apply the change in some days (and for now, remove the old .po files manually).

If you have no access to tye.debian.org and want me to check anything, ping me in IRC and will reply ASAP.

Kind regards,

Laura Arjona Reina

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