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Re: DDTSS statistics

On giovedì 25 marzo 2021, at 21:09 -0300, Paulo Henrique de Lima Santana wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
> Em 25/03/2021 20:51, Thomas Vincent escreveu:

> > Having more stats easily available to contributors and language
> > coordinators would be great.

Hi all,

since I did not see it mentioned I wanted to add, for those who maybe
don't know, that for those who are marked "admin" (more on this later)
there is a "Teamlist" link in each language page that shows the
userlist with name of contributors for that list and for each name
shows the number of translations, revisions and the timestamp of last
activity. It also shows the email address which is, I imagine, why the
page is not public.

If such a page exists I imagine a table must exist in the database. As
for the "admin" thing, I don't remember how I became one. It was a
long long time ago. In the userlist there is a column (a field in a
database table?) called "isadmin" and I have value "1" while normal
users have it empty.

The only 2 things it allows me to do (as far as i know) are 1)
write a Team message in the Italian page (actually in all language
pages), and see the userlist (for all language pages).

Since I can see the userlist for all languages, I can see that pt-BR
doesn't have any users with that field active.

Maybe who works on the database can do something with those data.

There are of course the stats web pages which are a good source for info too.

Good weekend,


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