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Re: DDTSS statistics

Hi Paulo!

Le 25/03/2021 à 02:24, Paulo Henrique de Lima Santana a écrit :
> This week we are on translation sprint for portuguese using DDTSS.

That's awesome!

> Is there a way we get a list of users that worked on pt_BR page?
> or at least, the number of people who worked from 20th to 28th?

It's fairly easy to get information about the last contribution of
someone, in particular the date and language of their contribution.
After some trial and error with SQL queries, I managed to get a list of
17 people who contributed to the pt_BR locale since the 20th of March.

I can try to send you a list on Monday, after the end of your sprint.

> Also, I heard it's possible add an email to receive statistcs from
> DDTSS. Is it true?

Not to my knowledge, but maybe more experienced users know something
about this.

Having more stats easily available to contributors and language
coordinators would be great.

Best regards,

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