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Again about accented chracters on DDTSS


I have seen a strange behaviour with Firefox 68.10.0esr from testing
and I wonder if the code of the DDTSS handles accented characters
needs some fixing.

I did a new translation which automatically reused one sentence from
the previous version which contained some accented letters, I also
wrote a comment which contained an accented letter and both were
displayed correctly until I hit the Submit button, but since I forgot
a <trans> I got the page with the message:

Translation not complete, still <trans>

and now the accented letters were broken, so I fixed them and
submitted the page again and everything is fine.

I don't think that this translation has something special
and the encoding was wrong in the usual way:
PETSc è il
PETSc è il

con in più
con in più
Daniele Forsi

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