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Re: Re: ddtp2.d.n down again but that's ok!


> That looks like an error we had during our tests. I'll look into it tonight,
> opefully it's trivial to fix.

after last intervention on "network-manager-shh-gnome", we (italian) have
another 53 descriptions entered in DDTP database. These descriptions could be
part of Translation-it official description file tonight.
Furthermore, another ~50 descriptions already entered in database yesterday.

Fortunately, ddtp.d.o seems not be able to create Translation-LANG.bz2 files [1]
and communicate with the script on FTP-master side.
ATM Translation-LANG files are not being affected by encoding problems, AFAICS
their last update dates back to 2020-03-02 (old DDTP). [2]

Can you please switch off the new DDTSS and restore the database dump until
all these issues are fixed?

Thanks a lot for all your work on migration.

Kind Regards.

[1] https://ddtp.debian.org/debian/dists/sid/main/i18n/ 
[2] http://ftp.debian.org/debian/dists/sid/main/i18n/ 


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