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Debian-reference salsa-weblate sync introduces gettext errors in Italian translation


I was checking if my translation of the debian-reference was up to
date. As far as I know weblate was disabled for the Italian language
since the translation is (was?) uptodate and I try to keep it
reasonably updated.

I see a merge has been made that has introduced an error in the
Italian po file which, of course, makes msgfmt complains when I try to
verify it.

This is the commit I am talking about:


Aside the fact that the Last-Translator changed, so I would not be
notified anymore of translation changes -sigh-, it seems that the sync
introduces some form of what are supposed to be comments included in
angle brackets and "HEAD weblate" headers.

But that completely disrupts the Italian po file.

I will fix the file by hand, but I would like to ask to look into weblate-salsa sync behaviour to avoid such things happening again in the future.



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