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Please re-enable the DDTSS e-mail interface on the occasion of the move to debian.org


In reply to <[🔎] 20200128131810.GB7230@aebea.it.invalid>,
Thomas Vincent (<[🔎] c473fbc43e65bdba810822c74dfee674@vinc-net.fr>)
wrote about the DDTSS service :

> About the move to a debian.org domain, we're currently very busy
> testing the service, fixing bugs and improving some features.

The Debian Dutch localisation team would be very pleased if you would
be willing to re-enable the e-mail interface to DDTSS on the occasion
of the move to debian.org.
The Debian Dutch localisation team hasn't got that much active members
any more. And the fact that one has to check different locations (e.g.
the Dutch l10n mailing list, DDTSS, hosted-weblate, ...) to review
Dutch translations, creates an extra burden. With the e-mail interface
re-enabled, it would become possible again to organize the review of
package description translations via the Dutch l10n mailing list.

Kind regards,
Frans Spiesschaert

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