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Re: DDTSS back online on ddtp2.debian.net . is it working? usable?

Hi Beatrice,

28 janvier 2020 14:18 "Beatrice Torracca" <beatricet@libero.it> a écrit:

> I know work is underway to finally have a new host on the debian.org domain for the DDTSS, which is
> a long awaited good news.
> I see that the DDTSS at ddtp2.debian.net is back online.
> Before putting work and effort in it I would like to know if it is
> usable. If the translation work done there will be preserved or get
> lost.
The ddtp2.d.n service indeed came back online a few days
ago and since the ftp-master script is no longer complaining,
I assume that everything works as before the outage.

About the move to a debian.org domain, we're currently very busy
testing the service, fixing bugs and improving some features.

Once we're ready to move, we'll inform contributors with a migration
schedule. All work done on the debian.net service will be transfered
on the debian.org service so all your translations will be preserved.


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