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Re: APT doesn't include the system's language package when installing Thunderbird

On Wed, 22 Aug 2018 at 19:19, Mathieu Lawnik <mlawnik@free.fr> wrote:
> In Debian strech, when installing Thunderbird with apt, the language
> package for Thunderbird matching the system's language isn't installed.
> It has to be installed manually. Could it be installed automatically
> with the thunderbird package ?

The way this is currently managed for other programs (i.e. Firefox) is
through 'tasksel'. If you install the 'task-spanish-desktop' (which is
automatically selected by the Debian Installer if you install the
desktop task and your installation language is Spanish) you will get
the localised packages.

Thunderbird, however, is currently not part of the task-desktop
definition, so its users cannot benefit currently from this setup.
Maybe you can open a bug report to tasksel to request this?



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