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Re: DDTP server is down

Hi Thomas,

On Tue, Mar 13, 2018 at 08:55:08AM +0100, Thomas Goirand wrote:
> > sorry, I never ever managed to refresh the server and always needed
> > Thomas' help to get this done (even for my own servers which I have
> > moved).
> That's because the server needs a hard reset. I do this with IPMI (using
> ipmitool) from another server on the same LAN. Unfortunately, I can't
> give such access to anyone.

Fully understandable.
> This server was given for free to the community, and as I no longer am
> involved in GPLHost, I can't ask it to be replaced, it is already nice
> that it is kept up and running like this.

Its going without saying that we are thankful for this.

> So please bare with the
> hardware issues.

I do not think that the current shutdown is due to hardware issues.
> > Thomas, do you see *any* chance to avoid this yearly stop of ddtp
> > server?
> It doesn't stop every year, as long as you're watching your mailbox for
> the shutdown message, which is sent 30, 10 and 5 days before expiration.
> When you get it, just ping me, and I can add one more year. This is to
> avoid dead accounts.

Well, may be it is just me since I learned to ignore these mails.  I can
confirm that I got these.  But I learned that the advice given in these
mails does not work - I remember that pinging you in person worked all
the time (thanks for this).  However, the mails do not help to avoid
dead accounts since one of the registered servers (I used it for
blends.debian.net) is actually dead and I tried to declare this some
years ago.  So I deleted the mails you are speaking about.  Unfortunately
I forgot that ddtp.debian.net remains there and should be kept up and
running as long as we do not have ddtp.debian.org.  Sorry if my
non-response causes downtime of this server.

Kind regards



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