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Re: Please translate: stretch dedication text

Hi Jonathan,

Jonathan Wiltshire schreef op ma 12-06-2017 om 13:42 [+0100]:
> Hi,
> We will dedicate stretch to Ian Murdock. Please translate the dedication
> text at your earliest convenience:
> http://paste.debian.net/hidden/5505efcd/

Below I quote from your dedication:

"We therefore dedicate Debian 9 "stretch" to Ian.

 -- The Debian Developers"

Couldn't we extend this to

 -- The Debian Developers and all other Debian Contributors

> For now, please email translations directly to me as a plain text
> attachment. I will collate them and ensure they are in the right place for
> the release.
> It would be very helpful to have translations before 2017-06-15 23:00 UTC
> where possible.

I'm preparing a Dutch translation.

> Thanks,


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