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Re: [release-notes] The two last weeks up to the release

Baptiste Jammet:
> Hi,
> Le 05/06/2017 09:23, Niels Thykier a écrit :
>> Probably done:
>> ==============
>>  * chapter 3 (?)
> See #864231
>>  * chapter 4
> See #864227

Thanks,  I have merged them now.  Apologies for the delay.

With this, I have closed the release-notes for content updates (for
planned updates) and translations can start now with less noise.

 * There may still be some English review on going.

 * If there appear any last minute errata of sufficient severity, I may
   still include those.  I hope there will be none, but it is not
   something I can plan for.  There might some brewing related to:
   - xorg libinput driver
   - network (possibly related to net-tools deprecation)

>> Let me know if you disagree with any of these.
>> English review done:
>> ====================
> [...]
>> Timeline:
>> =========
> [...]
> Thank you for handling this as well.
> Baptiste

You are welcome. :)

I have put this into release checklist for buster, so I don't have to
pull a last minute plan out of my ... hat.  For one, I am not sure I
made the right trade-offs in this plan (but it was better than not
having a plan).  Secondly, I haven't heard back from Justin yet, so I am
not sure it whether it fits him at all.

Also, it occurs to me that the workflow post-release is somewhat
optimal.  There is no branching / merging flow, so all changes goes live
without translators having a chance to prepare for it.  It is not new,
so I am not going to "rush-fix" it right now.  But it definitely
something we should consider working on for buster.


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