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[release-notes] The two last weeks up to the release


Sorry for being a late with this.

The release notes are not quite done yet.  Lets summaries this as:

Still opening:

We still expect changes to these chapters (in order of expected
frequencies of changes)

 * chapter 5
 * chapter 2

Probably done:

List of chapters that seem to be done or not have any outstanding change
requests (except possible English review):

 * chapter 1
 * chapter 3 (?)
 * chapter 4
 * chapter 6
 * chapter A
 * chapter B

Let me know if you disagree with any of these.

English review done:

There has been some review already, but I don't think any of the
chapters have been declared "done".


We need some time to finish the release notes, l10n-english some time to
review it and the translators even more time to translate it.  I imagine
we split the time something like this:

Content + English review:

 * Today - 2017-06-09: Updates to chapter 2+5 + English review
 * 2017-06-10 - 2017-06-11: Content freeze of chapters, English review
   does a final run though
 * 2017-06-12 - 2017-06-17: Release notes is frozen except for critical

 * After 2017-06-18: Release notes are open again as we get reports of
   changes or undocumented issues.


 * Today - 2017-06-09: Finish the "Probably done" chapters.  If time
   and energy permits, start on chapter 2 and then chapter 5.
 * 2017-06-10 - 2017-06-11: Start on the remaining (NB: English review
   ongoing - noise may occur)
 * 2017-06-12 - 2017-06-17: (Hopefully) no disturbances to your

I admit it is not a lot of time to finish.  But it should get us a lot
of the way while hopefully leaving enough time for everyone to do their


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