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Re: Bug#855179: debian-reference-it: Disable Weblate for currently .po and git maintaned Italian translation


thanks to all for the feedback.

On mercoledì 15 febbraio 2017, at 22:08 +0100, Laura Arjona Reina wrote:
> I am a weblate user (translator) in hosted.weblate.org for other
> project (F-Droid) and when I login, I can lock a translation so it
> only allows me work on it. Maybe that's a workaround for all the
> languages that have a translation-maintainer that does not work with
> Weblate.
> Weblate also allows to members of a project to receive notifications
> about many different events that happen (updated strings, updated
> translations, new people joining the project, etc). Maybe that helps, too.

I am not sure that notification will be of help. It's one thing to have
notification on a 100 messages translation of a program and another
thing to get notifications for every change on something like the
debian-reference that has more than 7500 messages.

I don't think a translator should "police" their own translation if
they are keeping it reasonably up to date. 

Translations particularly gain a lot from consinstency. The same
term translated in two ways (both correct) across a document can lead
to a lot of confusion.

And another main thing I worry about the Last-Translator and
Language-Team assignments which are the addresses used in case of call
for updates or bug reports.

On the other hand I don't know the inner workings of Weblate and maybe
it has some ways to guarantee quality assurance.

> Maybe a mention of the proposed workflow for translator should be made
> in the README file, too. I suggest to use
> https://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/debian-handbook/debian-handbook.git/tree/README.translators
> as reference, since that project also uses weblate for some languages,
> and the usual git commits for others.

My main experience with Weblate comes from debian-handbook; as a
coordinator, not translator. It was problematic. Translors did not
like when their work was changed and they perceived the change in
Last-Translator as "stealing" their work. Some translation were
published before review and with errors not corrected.

I understand that Weblate can make translations easier and thus get
more things translated and that is good. But I think some work-flow
should be put in place such as to try to guarantee the same quality
standards that Debian enforces for any other aspect of the Project.

Allowing anyone to make whatever changes to everything and *also*
becoming the person officially responsible for that translation no
matter how big/litte/correct the change was sounds not reasonable to
me. Maybe to understand my worries think of the same situation in
terms of packetization instead of translation (yes, packetization
surely is more critical than translation as far as errors go! just
trying to get my thoughts through :)).

I just wanted to express my thoughts as a translator and coordinator,
so that developers and package maintainers could maybe take into
account this side of things when deciding how to handle translations.



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