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Bug#855179: debian-reference-it: Disable Weblate for currently .po and git maintaned Italian translation

Package: debian-reference-it
Version: 2.64
Severity: wishlist


I am (was? since I am not the Last-Translator) the current Italian
translator of the Debian Reference. I always kept it up to date (to
the best of my capabilities, of course).

I saw that a recent change was made via Weblate (changing the
translator assignement, as I said).

I always assumed that Weblate was enabled only for those languages who
did not have an official translator in the Debian project.

In the past I sent my translations for review in the
debian-l10n-italian mailing list the first time and for any major
change. And I did commit my translations.

I understand that translation, like everything else in Debian, is a
community work. But as a wishlist I would like to ask to enable
Weblate only for those languages that don't have an official/active
translator; or at least to disable it for those languages that have an
active translator and request it.

I feel that translation needs consistency and review, when possible
(think of a scenario where everyone was able to do NMU on every
package...I think every developer would be very wary of such a situation).

In my case, I feel like I would have to either recheck every change
made or abandon a translation that I worked a lot on (the Debian
Reference is quite a big document) but that I can not guarantee the
quality of (even if possibly the quality of the Weblate one would be
better than mine).

Moreover being noted as the Last-Translator in the .po header, I
always replied to any call for update or any other request of
information/correction. So I think that having someone in the
Last-Translator field who is officially responsible of a translation
is a plus. The same is true for the Language Team header that was
changed from "Italian <debian-l10n-italian@lists.debian.org>" to
<https://hosted.weblate.org/projects/debian-reference/translations/it/>". I
have no idea if/where the Weblate Italian team is reachable (hopefully
mails would ge redirected to the correct debian-l10n-<language> team.

This is just a general wishlist based on my past experience with
Weblate; it has nothing to do specifically with the person or the
quality of the recent change (1 string, correct as far as I can see)
made via Weblate to the Italian translation.

I put on CC the debian-i18n mailing list because I see that
translation are moving more and more towards Weblate and I would like
to point out this side of having an uncontrolled/unreviewed source for
Debian translations. I apologize for the noise if the CC was out of place.



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