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Re: Time for translation to get into stable release

On Wed, Dec 21, 2016 at 10:03:15AM +0100, Martin Bagge / brother wrote:
> On 2016-12-20 10:56, Andrey Skvortsov wrote:
> > On 16-12-20 09:23, helix84 wrote:
> >> That's up to the maintainer of each individual package. First and
> >> foremost, unless you're translating a package that appears only
> >> in Debian or debconf templates of a package, you really should
> >> send your translation to the upstream package where it will
> >> appear in the next upstream release. Then you need to wait for
> >> the debian package maintainer (won't hurt to ping them) to
> >> package that upstream release. Whether that package version is 
> >> part of Stretch will depend on the freeze deadlines [1] (full
> >> freeze for updates to existing packages).
> > 
> > Previously I thought that the best approach would be to report a
> > bug against Debian package with new/updated translation attached
> > and package maintainer will forward it to the upstream project. In
> > this case Debian will get all translation even if next upstream 
> > release is going to miss Debian release.
> This is mostly luck rather than rule. If you submit a translation to
> debian and it is not included in the upstream/original project the
> package maintainer need to care for the local change until it is
> included and that's typically things a maintainer will avoid (by good
> reasons).

Unless, of course, upstream does not like to use the translation, e.g.
because localization is done only in debian. I'm involveed in two
packages where this is the case, unfortunately.

> Translations of individual applications are better done at the
> original project because by that it will benefit all users not only
> Debian and their downstreams (Ubuntu et al). It will also be easier to
> integrate updates to the translations into the release process of the
> upstram project.



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