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When will ddtp.debian.net get back to work?

[ keep me in the CC list please -- not subscribed to debian-i18n list ]

Dear all,

ddtp.debian.net is unavailable since months before. I tried hard to search the 
internet and finally I found debian-i18n list with some information about 

I don't really know what happened to ddtp.d.n before finding the mail archive, 
and every other link I found (on debian.org and wiki.debian.org) would point 
to the (dead) ddtp.d.n.

My question is, will ddtp2.debian.net replace ddtp.debian.net? If yes, 
shouldn't we change the DNS record of ddtp.d.n, or the URL for DDTP project 
*now*? The current situation is indeed misleading.

Boyuan Yang

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