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Translation of Debian Progeny Guide aka kow to translate documentation with no localization structure available


some Italian translators have translated the Debian Progeny guide which
is in the Debian DDP repository and it is published on the website among
the obsolete documentation, here

Never the less, since there is a published version I think it would be
nice to publish the Italian version too.

The problem for me is that right now there is no i18n/l10n structure
available in the repo (po files, or localized directories).

I am trying to understand more on the process of going from the
files in the ddp repo to the published version of the documentation on
the website.

What would it take to have the Italian version published? (dirs to
create? maybe a makefile?? ) I would really be thankful for any help on
this. Please also note that I cross-posted to debian-doc and debian-i18n
mailing lists because I am not sure which team takes care of this kind
of aspects (and maybe debian-www is involved too for the website page
creation). I am subscribed to both lists so feel free to set the
reply-to field to the more appropriate one.

Thanks a lot in advance,


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