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Reminder for unattended-upgrades translation updates

This is a reminder for the running translation round for debconf
templates of unattended-upgrades.

Currently complete languages:
 ca cs da de eu it nl ru

Currently existing but incomplete languages:
 es fi fr ja pt pt_BR sk sv tr

Please send out updates before Thursday, November 19, 2015.

On Friday, November 20, 2015, I will notify 
the unattended-upgrades maintainers that they can upload a new package

So, if you have something being worked on, please send it as
soon as possible.

Please contact me privately if you want to obtain the PO file for
incomplete languages. The POT file can be obtained from the list

There is always a chance that a translation you or your team sent
slipped through my mail and spam filters. If you indeed send an update
as a bug report and your language is still listed here, please point
me to the bug number.


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