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Re: Status of D-I translations...


Christian PERRIER <bubulle@debian.org> (2015-03-05):
> No, no call for translations.
> I actually rely on translators who want D-I to be fully translated
> to follow its status through the status pages
> (http://d-i.debian.org/l10n-stats/)
> It means that we're indeed left with about only 10 languages that
> happen to be complete -> those where translators act on their own
> and know what to do to get a fully translated D-I.
> For others, most of the time, the registered person with commit
> access either vanished or doesn't care anymore for D-I to be fully
> translated.
> The main "problem" here is that, each time such call for translation
> is posted for D-I, I end up with dozens of mails basically all
> requesting "what should I do for my XXX language to be complete?". I
> then explain all things that are explained in D-I l10n
> documentation, hold the hands of the prospective person, get the
> updates and then.....the person vanishes until the next update.
> That's a bit tiring and demotivating when one has much less time for
> all these activities than I had in the past (other activities and
> passions have taken over the Debian work as many know).

Christian, I cannot emphasize enough how much your work and your
commitment around i18n and l10n has been inspirational to me. After
all, as a number of other DDs, I started contributing to Debian
through translation updates. Thanks so much for your work in this
area over this incredible amount of years!

(Wording shamelessly stolen from debian-vote@ and wannabe DPLs) It
seems to me that the problem is two-fold: (1) Finding new
translators and holding their hands for a while; and (2) issuing
calls for translations to make sure those are aware of needed work.

At first glance, it looks to me trying to find new blood on local
user lists (debian-user-* and debian-l10n-* where they exist) might
be an interesting way to spend a few minutes on the topic. It would
be great if we could find someone wanting to give it a shot, and who
might be ready to orientate towards the relevant doc/people since
that's probably going to be needed. Since we're currently in a kind
of slowed down phase, having people catch up would be nice; we can
then switch to trying and keeping the translations updated when
needed, looking into how to issue call for translations in the best
way to keep people willing to stay at 100%. ;)

Who wants to be known as the new d-i translation coordinator? Who
wants to be thanked in each and every of my talks? :)


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