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Re: grub2 2.02~beta2-18: Please update debconf PO translation for the package grub2

On Sb, 13 dec 14, 10:37:43, Ian Campbell wrote:
> I'm not sure what to do though, they seem relatively minor and we are
> frozen + the call for translations has already been sent. I'm not sure
> it's worth restarting all that at this point for these issues.
> At the moment I'm inclined to leave this until either Stretch or if
> there is some other critical freeze-exception-worthy change to be made.
> Anyone disagree?

My opinion as a translator:

1. the s/removable path/removable media path/ change is certainly worth 
at least warning the translators about, otherwise the translations might 
say something about a path that is removable.

2. Justin's other tweaks don't change the meaning significantly, you 
could apply them and just unfuzzy all translations you already received.

Kind regards,
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