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Re: Bug#493778: Insanely long package description for texlive-latex-extra

On Sb, 14 iun 14, 13:32:28, Beatrice Torracca wrote:
> I'd like to bring this subject to some attention again because I think
> the problem still stands. There are 2 (apparently, at the moment)
> conflicting issues:
> - package descriptions (all the texlive-* ones) are a nightmare to
> translate right now
> - from the user p-o-v it's very important to have a list of the CTAN
> packages included (possibly with a brief description).
> What about splitting the list in separate paragraphs, i.e. making each
> entry a new paragraph. DDTP works on a paragraph basis; that way we
> would have all not-changed entries already translated and we'll only
> have to add/translate/update the changed entries.
> Something like (an example from the beginning of texlive-lang-french,
> the first on hand):
> Description-en: TeX Live: French
> Support for French and Basque.
> .
> This package includes the following CTAN packages:
> .
>  aeguill -- Add several kinds of guillemets to the ae fonts.
> .
>  apprends-latex -- Apprends LaTeX!
> .
>  babel-basque --
> .
>  babel-french -- Babel contributed support for French.
> .
>  basque-book -- Class for book-type documents written in Basque
> .......

This issue is not texlive specific, so I'd rather suggest the DDTP to 
treat formated list items the same as paragraphs. Then all packages 
using this will benefit from the solution, possibly after a one-time 
adjusting of the list.

Unfortunately I can't help with patches to DDTP :(

Kind regards,
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