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Re: Bug#493778: Insanely long package description for texlive-latex-extra

On Wednesday 13 April 2011, at 23:18 +0200, Frank Küster wrote:
> Davide Prina <davide.prina@gmail.com> wrote:
> > On 07/04/2011 01:59, Norbert Preining wrote:
> >> On Mi, 06 Apr 2011, Christian PERRIER wrote:
> >>> Moreover, the nature of the list makes it constantly changing...or
> >>> never up-to-date...which gives the same result : it is impossible to
> >>> translate in the DDTP.
> >>
> >> But it is the list of packages included, and as Hauke said, the main
> >> aim is to allow people to easily search for a CTAN packages.

Hi all!

I'd like to bring this subject to some attention again because I think
the problem still stands. There are 2 (apparently, at the moment)
conflicting issues:

- package descriptions (all the texlive-* ones) are a nightmare to
translate right now
- from the user p-o-v it's very important to have a list of the CTAN
packages included (possibly with a brief description).

> > a partially solution can be to include only the CTAN packages names
> > and not the description (add a paragraph with: a detailed description
> > can be found in the...).
> I think this might be something that can be implemented.  Christian's
> suggestion (frozen base list) is much harder, since the list is
> generated, and we would have to copy the frozen list somewhere and
> check the source for generating new entries against that list.

What about splitting the list in separate paragraphs, i.e. making each
entry a new paragraph. DDTP works on a paragraph basis; that way we
would have all not-changed entries already translated and we'll only
have to add/translate/update the changed entries.

Something like (an example from the beginning of texlive-lang-french,
the first on hand):

Description-en: TeX Live: French
Support for French and Basque.
This package includes the following CTAN packages:
 aeguill -- Add several kinds of guillemets to the ae fonts.
 apprends-latex -- Apprends LaTeX!
 babel-basque --
 babel-french -- Babel contributed support for French.
 basque-book -- Class for book-type documents written in Basque

Yes, the list will become even longer, but frankly I think the
descriptions are in most cases so long right now that it won't be a big

The user will still have the complete list of packages with
descriptions; us translators will have a much easier life translating
the package descriptions. 

I do understand that the first goal of descriptions is not to make
translators' life easier :) , but maybe this way that goal could be
achieved without harming the need of the users which of course comes

What do you think?



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