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Re: Sharing back DDTP translations to Debian

Fair enough. To be honest, I was expecting either instant vocal dissent or support in -legal.
My personal feeling is that it's legally safe (given that we used a tool explicitly designed to be used by application devs, and without restrictive TOS) but in the end we need some consensus Debian-side. So we'll wait (at least for French) for feedback.

On a pure trivia side, and more closely related to translations, we have a neat tool called NightMonkey which enables us to translate and validate the descriptions by order of magnitude (ie their popcon and rating in the software centre) and keyword.
Eg: http://nightmonkey.ubuntu.hu/#release=raring&language=fr&view=app&repo=universe&isok=false&rownumber=100&sortpopcon=dsc&packagename=&page=1
The source code is available if you'd like to tweak it for Debian use (will probably require tweaking both the tool and ddtp web interface).


2013/4/25 Christian PERRIER <bubulle@debian.org>
Quoting Pierre Slamich (pierre.slamich@gmail.com):
> I've received a rather clear and positive answer from the legal team of the
> I've posted it on debian-legal:
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-legal/2013/04/msg00019.html

I suggest you wait a bit for feedback from the thread in -legal. If
noone objects, then....we maybe can assume there is no legal problem.

Still, as we say in French, "I don't feel it" ("je ne le sens pas")
but I indeed have no legal backup for this....and I'm certainly not
the one who can decide alone about what to do.

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