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Re: Use upstream packaging translations in DDTP

Στις 09/04/2013 11:30 μμ, ο/η Martijn van Oosterhout έγραψε:
> There is as yet no simple way to use po files to translate debian
> descriptions.

I think it is simple; one just needs to copy the description strings
anywhere in the program source code, without having to actually use
them. For example, the following should suffice for python:
  package_description = _("""The description...""")

> And also debian descriptions have specific
> formatting requirements, though I don't know enough about po files to
> know whether that's an issue or not.

In the source code, the descriptions wouldn't have any special
formatting. The formatting would be distro-specific, and for Debian some
"export" script would take the descriptions from the .po files, wrap
them,  convert new lines to "dot lines" etc.

> I also don't see the point of automating it, how often does your
> description change?

Not often at all, but new translations for the existing descriptions do
come frequently. E.g. the 35 languages were added gradually in about 1
year, so I'd need to upload new descriptions around 3 times per month.

There's another thread these days in the ML titled "Sharing back DDTP
translations to Debian". I think that if that one is solved in a good
way, and it's then easy to import Translation-xx files,
then it will also be easy to solve this issue,
by implementing a small `export-description-translations "debian"`
script that creates Translation-xx files out of .po files.

So let's see how the other thread goes first.

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